Where To Take Your Dad In Miami This Father’s Day

The wonderful and sunny days are here, and with them, many holidays are approaching. One of the first ones is Father’s Day, and it’s happening soon. Although you should celebrate your dad and be grateful for his presence in your life every day of the year, this holiday is an excellent opportunity to show your dad how much you love him.  

The question is not whether you celebrate the day of dads this year but where you are taking yours or your whole family to celebrate this fantastic occasion. And if you are in Miami or visiting it that weekend, we have some great recommendations coming your way.  

We made a list of some of the best places you should visit if you plan to celebrate Father’s Day in Miami.  

The Best Father’s Day Places to Go 

Here’s the list of the most exciting places you should visit this Father’s Day in Miami. You can pick just one from the list or more to see, and make it a Father’s Weekend, instead of only one day. We are confident that you will find something that meets your needs and a spot where you’ll absolutely fall in love with the food and atmosphere.  

We’ve included some of Miami’s iconic spots that you need to experience at least once in your lifetime. And we can guarantee you that you’ll have a fantastic time, eat some good food, and drink some quality drinks whatever venue you choose to visit in the end.  


For those craving excellent and delectable Italian food, there’s no better place in the Miami area than Mi’talia. This fantastic restaurant will offer you a perfectly curated menu full of delicious Italian dishes made with a modern twist. You will not be disappointed if you decide to order pizza, a pasta dish, or their Truffle Crusted Filet Mignon. They also offer many Mediterranean-style starters, and their drinks menu is incredible. You can choose from many high-quality wines both from the Old and New World, or you can choose to sip on a perfectly mixed cocktail. It’s a great place to visit only with your dad or your whole family, as they also have a kids’ menu.

COTE Miami 

If your dad loves a good steak, what’s a better place to take him than a Korean barbeque? COTE isn’t just a regular Korean barbeque joint; it’s a world-class restaurant with a Michelin star. Treat yourself and your father with Butcher’s Feast and enjoy the most delicious meals you’ve ever tried. And don’t forget to order a cocktail too.

Gianni’s at The Villa Casa Casuarina 

One of the most luxurious restaurants in Miami must be Gianni’s at The Villa Casa Casuarina, the former Versace Mansion. Gianni’s is one of those places you need to visit at least once in your life. The menu is as iconic as the restaurant’s whole atmosphere. If you want to treat your dad with something extraordinary, this is the right choice. You’ll be blown away by the interior but also by the food. One of their signature meals is T-Bone Porterhouse, and we highly recommend you try it. Just make a reservation in advance because this is a trendy choice. 

Stubborn Seed 

If the previous choice is not your cup of tea, but you still want to have an extraordinary experience, we can recommend Stubborn Seed. It is a fantastic choice if you’re going to feel special and participate in an authentic caviar experience. But our primary recommendation is to try the Chef’s tasting menu curated by Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13’s Winner, Chef Jeremy Ford. The tasting menu is an eight-course and two-hour dining experience that you shouldn’t miss. It is available on Sundays, making it the perfect gift for your dad.  

Lona Cocina & Tequileria 

For those craving Mexican food, Lona Cocina & Tequileria is the place to be. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back atmosphere because this is one of the best Mexican restaurants with outstanding service. Every Sunday, they have a bottomless brunch where you can drink as many margaritas as you can or want. Alongside the drinks during Sunday brunches, they also have Live action stations, where you can pick from various succulent dishes. Don’t miss out on their Housemade Ceviche and Salmon Mole if you go here. 

Public Square 

One of the best options on the Coral Gables scene is Public Square restaurant. We are not exaggerating when we say that it is a favorite among the locals. It’s a phenomenal family restaurant that is perfect for an occasion like Father’s Day. This place focuses on preparing delicious dishes with fresh and artisanal ingredients. The atmosphere of this space is more than inviting and pleasant, and we know you will feel at home if you visit. If you decide to go here for this special occasion, try their Chilean Sea Bass or Wild Salmon.  

Toro Latin Kitchen and Tequila Library

If you are still craving Latin-inspired dishes, a restaurant you must visit is Toro Latin Kitchen and Tequila Library. This is not just a regular spot inspired by dishes from Latin America. It’s a setting where different traditions and cultures meet. The menu is full of perfectly planned and finely executed meals that combine Latin flares and Japanese, Chinese, and American. The interior looks astonishing but also inviting. Toro Latin Kitchen and Tequila Library is a perfect place to take your whole family to, as the dishes are intended to be shared among family or friends. And don’t forget to try some of the best Latin cocktails. If you go, try the Zarandeado Red Snapper or Lomo Saltado.  

The Taurus 

Another location with the bull as an inspiration for the name and an excellent choice to celebrate Father’s Day in Miami is The Taurus. The Taurus is perfect if you are looking for a chill place where you can snack on something delicious and drink some good quality cocktails. Their brunch menu is full of yummy options that will accompany your drinks while spending some quality time with your dad. It’s a perfect spot to take your dad as he will feel cool the instant he walks inside.  

Father’s Day in Miami 2022 

We hope that you found something interesting on our list as we wanted to give you a variety of places to choose from in Miami. All of the restaurants featured in this article have outstanding reviews and serve mouth-watering food. We know that you can’t visit them all during this day, but the lovely days are ahead of us, so you should return to this list the next time you are looking for a recommendation on where to go for food and drinks.  

And don’t forget to cherish your parents every day of the year and use every opportunity you have to spend time with them and show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them.