Traditional Italian Food Ingredients and Dishes You Should Try This Fall

It’s no secret that Italy has one of the most famous cuisines in the world. We all know it. The Italians have a few secrets that make their cooking unbelievable. And we’re about to share some of those secrets.

Certain Italian ingredients end up in most of the dishes, and many believe that learning about them is the first step to understanding traditional Italian food.

We’ve prepared a few of the essential elements you’ll surely need before making meals from this part of the world. And, we’ve selected a few types of Italian food that we’ll tell you about.

You’ll need to try some of these dishes before you start making the best Italian food.

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Italian Ingredients You Must Know

The ingredients mentioned below are essential to any kitchen in Italy. Check them out before preparing traditional Italian food yourself.


The worldwide popularity of garlic has skyrocketed in the past few years. It seems that everyone is putting the powder version in the meat they’re cooking. 

In Italy, they have a different way of using garlic. First of all, they use the real stuff, not the powder. And, you’ll mostly see garlic sautéed olive oil. They do this to create a cooking base with a whole lot of flavor.

All the best Italian food starts with that.

(Extra Virgin) Olive Oil

You’ve likely used olive oil to prepare all kinds of dishes, regardless of the country of origin. We use it for cooking, in salads, and pretty much wherever we need it. 

However, with traditional Italian food, the use can be a bit different.

Italians use extra virgin olive oil because of its peppery flavor. So, you’ll see olive oil as a garnish or a dip. Focaccia bread tastes amazing with some extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it. Give it a try, and see why the best Italian food is so popular.


This is likely the most famous of all the Italian ingredients on this list. Oregano simply screams pizza and Italy. But that’s not the only dish that suits oregano well in this part of the world. Oregano goes in all types of Italian food. 

For example, dried oregano leaves have an earthy flavor. So the chefs use it to make marinara sauce, salad dressings, and to spice grilled meats. Give it a shot and see if it suits your taste.


Do we need to waste our words explaining why pasta is so amazing? If you’ve ever had it, you know about its greatness.

They use a bunch of different varieties in Italy, and just trying them all would be a good enough reason to visit this part of Europe.

Spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle, and so many other funny-sounding names that taste like a real piece of heaven are a part of a regular diet in Italy. That’s something we could get used to pretty quickly.


Mushrooms are available pretty much everywhere, but not many know how to use them as well as the Italians. Porcini mushrooms are a sort that grows under oak and pine trees in the Tuscany region of the country.

This type of mushroom is often added (both fresh and dried) into all kinds of sauces. They go great with risottos, but you can also find them in wine sauces served with meat.

Give them a shot if you can get a hand on a few, and see if you enjoy dishes of this sort.

Italian Cheese

We all know Italy’s famous for its pizza and pasta dishes. Could you imagine having them without cheese? 

No Parmigiano on your pasta? No mozzarella on the pizza? We couldn’t go through life like that.

Luckily, Ancient Romans had a few varieties of cheese. The different types of Italian food are created by using separate aging and smoking techniques.


Many people associate Italy with wine more than they do with food. It’s no wonder, considering how big of a part wine has been in the Italian culture.

For those who enjoy it thoroughly, wine is more than just a drink; Italians believe it religiously.

They have many high-quality red and white wines, so if you ever visit, don’t forget to take a few sips.

Italian Dishes You Must Know

Just like with the ingredients, there are a few dishes that originate from Italy but are used all over the world. 

Check out a few of them and a few secret gems you may not have heard about.


It’s hard to make a list of popular Italian food without mentioning Lasagna. This dish is prepared on every inch of this planet, so that says enough about its flavor and quality.

It’s made from a whole lot of pasta, sauce, and cheese. No wonder this thing went worldwide. It has everything you need to become a culinary success.

Neapolitan Pizza

Yes, pizza is worldwide now. After bread, it’s likely the most popular food on the planet.

However, Neopolitan pizza shows that less can sometimes be a bit more when it comes to cooking.

This style of pizza originates From Naples and initially was only flatbread and tomatoes. It was called pizza Margherita and now consists of pizza dough, San Marzano tomatoes, high-quality olive oil, and mozzarella.

Any type of mozzarella will do, but if you have mozzarella di Bufala Campana, you’re making the authentic recipe. That’s cheese produced in Southern Italy from the milk of water buffaloes.


About time we included something sweet in this article. If you love coffee, and let’s face it – who doesn’t – this dessert will amaze you.

Tiramisu is made from ladyfinger sponge cookies which are soaked in espresso and rum. On top goes a mix of a few essential dessert ingredients topped with cocoa.

It’s not a complicated dish and may not sound like much. But, once you have it, you’ll realize why it became popular worldwide.

Pasta Carbonara

You’ve likely had this one by now, but carbonara deserves to be mentioned on this list.

In Italy, it’s prepared with spaghetti pasta and guanciale, which is essentially pork cheek.

In other parts of the world, pancetta is used instead of guanciale, which is equally delicious.

Then, a mixture of parmesan, egg, and pepper is added to the pasta, and the dish is ready. Many pasta dishes don’t sound like much until you have. Luckily, we know what they taste like.

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