Spicing Up Italian Food For Miami Spice 2022

We are lucky because there are great food scenes all around the U.S., and wherever you go, you can find something delicious to try. And when it comes to diversity, you just have to use your imagination, and you’ll be able to find something that you’ll like from whichever international cuisine. 

Many cities are known for their culinary scenes, and one of them is Miami. Here you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world and eat some of the tastiest food you’ll ever try. 

It’s always good to come and visit our coastal city, especially during Miami Spice, a two-month-long foodie event. During this event, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the best specialties in many restaurants and try different cuisines that will automatically teleport you to different parts of the world. 

And if you especially enjoy Italian food, we’ve made a list of the best Italian restaurants in Miami that you must visit. 

What Is Miami Spice?

Locals know what this event is, but for those new to it, let us explain to you what’s it all about. 

Miami spice is an event for anyone who enjoys a good bite and likes to try different things. It’s an event with a long tradition, established 21 years ago. Some places have high seasons during summer, but Miami is not one of those places. Years ago, only a few tourists were visiting Miami during scorching summer days, and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau came up with an idea to attract more people. 

They’ve created Miami Spice, an event that lasts two months during the low season and promotes the numerous restaurants this city offers. 

The number of tourists has risen over the years and the number of good-quality restaurants, but the tradition of this unique event stayed. Now it’s something that locals and people visiting can’t wait to experience. 

During the event, Miami Spice restaurants offer special deals like brunch and lunch menus at $28 and dinner for $45 or $60, and for the price, you can get an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. 

The Best Italian Restaurants in Miami

Now that you know what it means when someone mentions Miami Spice restaurants, the only thing left for us is to share with you the best places to enjoy Italian food in Miami. So, let’s jump right into it. 


If you ever wanted to travel to Italy and don’t know if it was worth it, we are here to tell you it is. Chefs from Mi’talia restaurant, Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, did just that; they’ve traveled from one end of this Mediterranean country to the other, trying different traditional foods, learning about the culture, and enjoying their time. And once they got back, they had to open an Italian restaurant. They invested all their newly acquired knowledge and love for this European country and promised they would have the best Italian food in Miami. Their dishes are more than delicious and represent traditional recipes with modern twists. 

Mi’talia is one of the Miami Spice restaurants, and they offer lunch options for $28 and dinner options for $45. We can recommend you to try Griller Baby Gem Caesar, Pesto Ravioli, and crown it all with delicious Tiramisu.  

Casa Isola

Located in the beautiful Sunset Harbour, you can find an incredible restaurant Casa Isola, a perfect place for when you want to have a hearty and comforting meal. It’s a place where you can try authentic Italian dishes alongside some of the true Italian-American staples. It’s one of the most charming Miami Spice restaurants, and we recommend finding a spot outside if you can. 

For the period of two months, they will offer two dinner menus, one for $45 and one for $60. Their Isola Arancini are the bomb, as well as Casarecce Pasta. And for the dessert, you’re in for a surprise, as they will change it once in a while. 

Osteria Morini

If you ever want to visit the Emilia-Romagna region, you don’t have to travel to Apennine Peninsula; you just have to go to Osteria Morini in Miami Beach. It’s a restaurant with tradition where you can eat their fresh signature pasta with the best-quality Italian wine. 

During Miami Spice, they offer two menus, lunch, one that’s more affordable and goes for $28, and dinner, one that’s $60. If you decide to visit them during lunchtime, you should try Pane Rustico or Polpettine and Bistecca. While if you are more into a romantic dinner situation, you must try Polipo and Branzino.

Bugatti Bistro 

Another place with delicious food is also one of the oldest restaurants in the neighborhood of Coral Gables. If you are craving delicious lasagnas made with fresh handmade pasta sheets or any other pasta dish, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami that can offer you just that. Their food is like a hug and will comfort you immediately with the first bite you take. They have two options during this two-month-long event, lunch for $28 and dinner for $45. 

If you are interested in lunch, you won’t regret if you order the Vichyssoise cold soup and Scaloppini di Pollo Alla Saltimboca. And if you want to visit them during dinner time, you can enjoy their Calamari Fritti and Lobster Ravioli, all topped with Creme Brule or Crostata di Ricotta. There are, of course, other exquisite dishes you can choose from; this is just something that we think is super delicious and worth trying. 

Casa D’Angelo Aventura

If you want to dine surrounded by the extravagant interior, crystal chandeliers, and glamorous atmosphere, you should definitely book a reservation at Casa D’Angelo. But don’t get afraid of the lavish surroundings. The food is inviting, delicious, and overall incredible. 

They offer a $60 dinner menu for two months, making it an excellent opportunity to try their food. And there are many things on the menu that you can choose from, like Gamberi Mamma, Fiori di Zucca, Spaghetti Vongole with delicious and fresh clams, or Gemelli al Ragu D’Agnello which is braised lamb ragout with red wine and served with Pecorino from Toscana. And when it comes to dessert selection during this event, D’Angelo didn’t disappoint us. The desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you crave more. You can choose from Tiramisu al Cacao, Cannolo Siciliano, Orange Crème Brule and Homemade Gelato or Sorbet. And if you have an urge to splurge, they have a specially curated collection of 15,000 wines.   


When it comes to Italian food in Miami, the beautiful Nave restaurant is a well-known place radiating a pleasant atmosphere. And when it comes to food, we can’t say anything wrong about it as it is one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami. The menu is incredible, and there are no exact words to describe the food. You need to go there and try their specialties to be able to comprehend them. 

Their seafood is incredible, and you have a chance to try it on the brunch menu for $28 or the dinner one for $60. Go with Miami Clams and Prawns and Polenta if you go there for brunch. Or pamper your taste buds with Duck Ragu or Snapper Milanese if you visit them for dinner. 

And that’s it; we’ve come to the end of our list. We hope that you are satisfied with our choices and that you won’t be disappointed with whichever restaurant you choose to visit. And given that the event last for two months, you have time to visit them all.