Everything You Should Know About Restaurant Music

Where can I find live music near me? This is a question that music lovers ask often in Miami. There’s nothing like feeling a cool breeze while listening to live music in South Miami with a drink in hand. The smooth vibes of live instruments and savory aromas of good food are enough to make you forget all your worries for a moment in time. It’s one of the best ways to dine out with friends, family, or solo if that’s your preference. There’s a lot that goes into setting up live music in your local restaurant. We should know since we host live music on a regular basis at our location!

Restaurants With Live Music Add Flavor

We are laser-focused on providing the best dining experience possible for our guests and use music to add a fun and relaxing element to our ambiance. For us, it’s not enough to tantalize just one of the five senses. We aim to engage all five senses to give you a full and robust experience that will keep you coming back for more. Besides, research shows a positive direct correlation between restaurant music and a guest’s perception of flavor! Similar to baking, crafting an effective live restaurant music ambiance is a science. We’ve done our homework and here’s our restaurant music recipe: 

  • Keep up the tempo – Since the same research shows that faster music encourages guests to eat faster, it’s safe to say that smaller restaurants that require a higher turnover to make revenue prefer their guests to eat quicker. We don’t encourage rushing guests out the door so we keep our music a bit slow for a relaxing and rejuvenating dining experience. Slowing down our live music session gives you the opportunity to grab another cocktail, tell another work story, or enjoy a refreshing gelato dessert with that special someone for a little longer. 
  • Pump up the volume – The last thing we want to do is scare our guests away with music that is too loud. We also don’t want our music so low that diners get the impression that we are closing. To find a happy medium, we read the room and pay attention to our guests and how they are socializing. We may turn the volume up for a younger crowd or turn it down for a more mature crowd. Making these adjustments can make a difference in a dining experience. 
  • Good playlist – Who doesn’t love 80s music? As much as we may love a Micheal Jackson or an AC/DC playlist, we’ve done our homework and concluded that live restaurant music should coincide with the theme of our restaurant and the crowd we want to attract. A sophisticated diner may prefer to listen to classical or jazz music while drinking from our Reserve Wine selection during our Happy Hour Specials. Since the weekends are more relaxed, we may change our playlist to include more contemporary music with a refined twist. 
  • Timing is everything – The time of day music is played can have a huge impact on the restaurant atmosphere. Everything from genre of music to tempo can change the dining pace. For instance, faster-paced music at medium volume may be appropriate for a business lunch crowd. For dinner, we may increase the volume and slow down the pace to allow guests to linger and enjoy their drinks. 
  • Size matters – When the restaurant is at full capacity, it’s a good idea to turn up the volume. All of us naturally absorb sound in any room we occupy. When you add conversations, clinking of silverware, and movement of staff, it’s best to bring the volume up so everyone can hear the music and enjoy the full experience. 

Chef Creates a Musical Harmony With Food


We Have Live Music in South Miami

Have you wondered where you can find live music near me? In case you didn’t know, we have an incredible lineup of live music guests this month. On our website, you can find what we have in store for our guests this month when it comes to live music. We kick off March with an incredible guest list of live music that includes jazz and acoustic folk. This is a quick glance at how we started the spring season: 

  • Residency night  – On March 4th, we welcomed the modern jazz singer and songwriter Jahzel Dotel. She brings her own flair to jazz music coupled with her love of the ukulele. Currently, she is collaborating with Martin Chan of Sony / ATV Publishing to bring underground electro beats to the forefront on her second self-titled album. Her first album titled “Leftovers” was released in 2016 and she continues to collaborate with other singers and songwriters on new jazz hits. 
  • Progressive Jazz night – Miami-based jazz duo TWYN are known for their individual influence on the local electronic music scene. Playing at our location on March 5th, Jason Mathews can also be heard as the keyboardist for the group Electric Kif. You can hear Aaron Glueckauf on drums for the Lemon City Trio group. 
  • One Man Band Night – March 6th featured OIGO, a Miami-based Latin Folk band that uses rock, funk, and Caribbean influences to sway the crowd. You’ll appreciate the mix of original music with familiar tunes played in unfamiliar ways. 
  • Acoustic Sunday – Acoustic folk music is on the schedule for March 7th by Keith Johns. His music is delivered in a soulful and unique voice with profound lyrics meant to express truth, humility, and hope. You can enjoy more of his music from his most recent album, “Grateful Fool”. 

Bars With Live Music Add Fun

While there are streaming and playlist options available, we prefer to mix it up with the real thing in the form of live music. For the sake of exploration, let’s discuss these other options. They can be highly effective for bars with live music that are very busy and get a lot of turnovers. A playlist can make it easier for you to flip between genres and tempos to suit the mood of your guests. When building a playlist, bars with live music will want to keep guests interested with a collection of at least 300 to 600 songs. Gradually refreshing the list over time will help keep the playlist current and contemporary. 

Subscribing to a streaming service is the best way to create a playlist quickly and efficiently.  They are cost-effective since most playlists like Pandora, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music are between $10 and $25 a month. One of the best aspects of a streaming service is access to pre-made playlists that take out the guesswork of creating your own! 

Retro Microphone Against Blur Colorful Light in Restaurant

The Secret of Restaurants With Live Music

You may wonder, will the live music near me play my favorites? There’s no guarantee that the live bands will play contemporary music favorites but they may play music in a specific key. Depending on the mood we are looking to set, music may be played in a major or minor key. Live music played in a major key sets a happier, upbeat tone. Restaurants with live music played in a minor key will set a more meditative or reflective tone. 

To get the full effect of great live music in South Miami, you need a great sound system. Our PA system is equipped with a good amp and speakers for clear sound that resonates with our guests and keeps the mood. It is all part of our commitment to excellent service as well as Italian cuisine. 

Dine With Us For Live Music

We love good music and we know our guests do too. Join us during our Happy Hour specials Monday through Friday to hear live music. Bring friends and family for private events or order using our online menu. With so many choices, you’ll find something that everyone will love at our restaurant. 

Call us today to reserve your table for the next live band scheduled on our website!