Best Italian Cocktail Drinks Everyone Should Try

You may have heard a lot about the best Italian pasta dishes, but you may not have heard about the best Italian after dinner cocktails before. Vino is traditionally associated with Italian pasta and meat dishes but there is so much more to be discovered. We’d like to introduce you to a whole new world of tasty and satisfying Italian beverages that make perfect after dinner cocktails. These are simple enough to make at home but when you’re ready for the real thing, we’re always here to add a splash of modern authenticity to your Italian cocktails. 

Bring Italy to Your Home with Exotic Italian Cocktails 

You may have heard of many of these Italian drinks before but never knew their origin. It’s well known that Italians enjoy gathering around the table and Italian cocktails are a great way to keep the conversation going. A predinner cocktail also referred to as an Italian aperitif is an Italian cocktail meant to be had before dinner as an appetizer. It is a moderate amount of alcohol meant to lightly quench the appetite before a big meal. Traditionally, an Italian aperitif is consumed long before lunch or dinner, although it is meant to be a meal starter. When paired with sweet nibbles, after dinner cocktails are an ideal way to bring family and friends together. 

In America, we are used to gathering around coffee or tea in the mornings at coffee shops. This has evolved into an all-day event since the explosion of popular places like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean. In Italy, coffee is served after dessert in the evenings. Coffee shops double as bars and are a part of the daily routine. The evening aperitivo has evolved to include complimentary appetizer buffets to nibble on and gather around. Young and old alike gather to enjoy an Italian aperitif that includes white wines, martinis, spritzers, and Cuba Libre. Italian aperitifs can be non-alcoholic and are very popular in the mornings. Some of the most popular are the San Pellegrino Bitter, also called the Sanbitter, and the Crodino. These drinks contain herb extracts that contribute to a bitter aftertaste. They are sold in individual glasses, on ice, or in cocktails with a slice of lemon or orange. 

Bring Italy to Your Home with Exotic Italian Cocktails

Make These Italian Cocktails at Home

Pairing Italian drinks with Italian food is like peanut butter and jelly! They are meant for each other and a variety of appetizers can go a long way in creating excitement for a gathering. When serving your guests, you’ll want to include savory tarts, olives, bruschetta, pasta salads, pizzette, cheese, bread, and cold cuts. You’ll also want to include prosciutto, toasted peanuts, salami, grilled vegetables, gorgonzola, brie, and smoked scamorza. Sometimes, other rare items may be included like boiled octopus, squid, boiled potatoes, baked pasta, and gnocchi. Specifically, you’ll want to pair Italian cocktails with Cypress Grove cheeses. The key is to serve everything in bite-sized portions. 

Now that we have our appetizer menu sorted out, our home dessert menu can use a little TLC as well. Some of the most popular after-dinner desserts include sweet sorbets, cannolis, house-made pizzelles, Tiramisu, cheesecakes, spumoni, and gelato. Our Mi’talia dessert selection includes gelatos, baked ricotta cheesecake, spumoni sundae, dulce panna cotta, and tiramisu. The perfect way to end a romantic dinner in Miami. Here are the drinks you’ll want to make at home to dine like an Italian: 

  • The Godfather – You can’t mention Italian cocktails without talking about The Godfather. It is a drink served with ice and made with amaretto and Scotch whiskey. Served in an old fashioned glass, amaretto can be substituted with Bourbon. The Godmother version includes Vodka and The Godchild uses cream. The distinct almond flavors and subtle cherry undertones are complemented by an orange or lemon garnish. The Godfather is best paired with a slice of Italian cake. 
  • Sgroppino – The ideal mixture of an Italian cocktail and an Italian dessert, Sgroppino includes lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco. Originally meant to be a palette cleanser, it is now a full-size cocktail and very popular summer drink. The slushy consistency is a  great way to take a break from the heat!
  • Americano – This Italian favorite got its name from Americans traveling abroad in Italy and is also referred to as the Milano-Torino. It is a favorite drink of the fictional character James Bond, made popular by the author Ian Flemings. To make this at home, combine sweet vermouth, Campari, and soda water. Add a lemon slice and you’re on your way to drinking like Bond!
  • Bellini – The perfect pairing with brunch, the Bellini is a celebratory drink meant to be served in a flute glass. It is made by topping bubbly Prosecco with white peach puree. In Italy, they marinate the peaches in wine before adding them to the drink. The Bellini originated in Harry’s Bar in Venice and was named after the famed Italian Renaissance painter Giovani Bellini. To make this at home, you can puree organic white peaches or find them in the frozen section. Either way, you’ll want to pour this crisp drink into a crystal flute to really capture the ambiance. 
  • Rossini – A spinoff of the Bellini, the Rossini is one of the best dessert Italian cocktails. Instead of peaches, your pallet is met with sweet strawberries for floral and fruity undertones. You’ll want to use a food processor to bring out the best of the flavors in this drink. 


  • Angelo Azzuro – Translated to Blue Angel, the Angelo Azzuro is a sophisticated and retro Italian cocktail that combines gin, triple sec, blue curacao, and topped with a lemon wedge. This drink made famous by Miami Vice character Detective James Crockett should always include a good quality curacao to create the perfect blue hue. 
  • Negroni – Traditional Italian cocktail in a glass, the Negroni is made with dry gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari over ice with an orange wedge. Its red hue has become so popular that a charity event has been created around the Italian drink called Negroni Week that restaurants around the world participate in. This drink is stirred and never shaken. 
  • Aperol Spritz – Spritzers are always fun and this Italian favorite includes Aperol, an Italian liqueur of cinchona, rhubarb, and gentian. It is mixed with club soda, Prosecco, and garnished with an orange slice. This Italian cocktail is also referred to as Spritz Veneziano due to its Venetian origins. It is a common Italian aperitif. This is the perfect happy hour. 

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Making these Italian cocktails in the comfort of your own home will elevate any summer gathering or romantic date night. However you choose to celebrate, your guests will certainly be impressed with your sophisticated and Italian flair! We fell in love with Italy as we toured the countryside and immersed ourselves in the rich culture of the region. We want you to be inspired by the same flavors, smells, and tastes of Italy found in our modern interpretation of authentic Italian dishes, desserts, and Italian cocktails. On our menu, you’ll find our own signature twist on the traditional Italian cocktails you must try: 

  • Lemon Queen    
  • Cypress Grove 
  • Etna by Sunrise  
  • Mr. Casanova 
  • Umbrellas in Amalfi 
  • Girasole 

Are you ready to try our most popular dishes including Mama’s Meatballs, Bucatini Carbonera, and Not Your Nonna’s Bolognese? Pair these dishes with your favorite wine, predinner cocktail, or after dinner cocktails. Whatever time you chose, remember to give us a call and make your reservation today or order in!