Celebrating New Year’s Day With The Best Brunch In Miami

Celebrating New Year’s in Miami is a big deal. You’re in one of the greatest cities in the world to do that. So, you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy yourself as much as possible. And what better way to start a perfect day than with the best brunch in Miami?

We can’t think of any!

That’s why our team prepared a list of the best Miami brunch spots you should visit next time you’re in the city. And they are perfect for New Year’s! So, if you’re coming for the holidays, you have the ideal opportunity for a visit.

To try the best Italian dishes Florida has to offer, come to Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar.

Phuc Yea

If you’d like to try something different, Phuc Yea is the place to visit. Chef Cesar Zapata is known for creating unexpected fusions of flavors that work unbelievably well.

Miami’s MiMo District has gathered plenty of culinary talents over the last few years. And since 2011, Phuc Yea has been a part of the community. In fact, this restaurant is located in the premiere spot on Biscayne Boulevard. The building it occupies was once the Sir William Hotel. And once you see the outside of it, you’ll understand the outside glamour it carries.

The inside, however, reminds more of modern Miami vibes and some Asian flare and hints of a tiki bar.

The menu is a mix of Vietnamese and Cajun cuisine that leans towards Asian dishes. But, you’ll surely feel the Cajun influence. Dishes like smoked duck ‘n’ grits or the Cajun fried rice are a brunch favorite and definitely something we’d recommend.

Keep some room for the dessert, though. Their coconut bread pudding comes in a heavy cast iron skillet and is one of the best desserts you’ll find in the city.

Keep in mind that Zapata is always working on the menu. So, the dishes we just described may not be available when you get there. But, no need to worry. Something equally impressive will. Phuc Yea is one of the Miami brunch spots we can always recommend.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is a tiny restaurant located in the historic MiMo District in Miami. It’s active for only three years but has quickly become one of the favorite local spots. 

This old-school motel (on the outside) is always packed, and true fans know to arrive early if they want to grab a seat right away. Only recently, Blue Collar started taking reservations for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

This place’s unique appeal comes from the owner and chef, who doesn’t shy away from putting his touch on famous American comfort foods. Dishes like fried green tomatoes with buttermilk dressing are only one of the reasons Blue Collar has the Best brunch in Miami. Also, try the conch fritters with spicy tartar; it’s one of our favorites.

If veggies are your thing, this place is a must-visit. With a selection of more than 20 plates of side dishes and vegetarian meals, you must give them a shot. Sauteed kale with crushed red pepper goes well with the curried cauliflower puree, but that’s only one of the combos we like. Try making your own and see what’s the best way to enjoy Blue Collar.

Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar

If you wish to try the best Italian food you can find in the States, visit Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar. 

Chefs Janine Booth and Jeffrey McInnis both grew up bringing people together with the help of food. Nothing changed in the future, as now they hold one of the most welcoming restaurants in Miami.

The journey of Chef Janine Booth starts in her homeland Australia, where she spends her time preparing seafood for the family. Eventually, she started traveling through Europe and Asia, with a pit stop in Italy.

During her time in the country, Janine studied the process of making Italian dishes and fell in love with the people and their cuisine. Chef Jeffrey McInnis has a similar path that led to the opening of Mi’Talia.

He grew up in Niceville, Florida, and most of his days were spent on fishing boats. Quite early in his life, he knew that one day, he would be either a chef or a fisherman. 

Luckily, he started his culinary career at 16 and never looked back. 

If you’re looking for the best Brunch in Miami for the upcoming holidays, and Italian dishes are your favorite, look no further. Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar has the best Italian food you can find in the area, and they offer a special New Year’s Day brunch menu.

As usual, you’ll start the feast with antipasto. It is served family style and features premium Italian food items like 24-month-aged Parmesan and truffled honey ricotta toast. 

The truffled omelet sounds amazing as a main dish, and you’ll finish the meal with french toast and a whole lot of Nutella.

The whole ensemble costs $65 per person, and the whole table must participate. Give this place a visit if you wish to eat the best Italian food on New Year’s Day.

Batch Gastropub

No matter what day of the year it is, there is a game playing somewhere. If you’d like to watch that game in one of the best Miami brunch spots, then visit Batch Gastropub. 

All sports enthusiasts have certain games they can’t miss. If one of the matches you must watch is happening during brunch, come to this place, and you won’t have to miss it. 

Batch Gastropub is known for having multiple TVs on the walls, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options, and a menu full of American bar foods. And, of course, craft beer and cocktails are a must. So, you can understand why everyone occupies this space during game time.

Like most pubs, Batch has plenty of daily and weekly specials. Unlimited wings, ladies’ night, and bottomless mimosas are all there. You just have to come at the right time.

Rusty Pelican

If you pick your spots based on the view, Rusty Pelican is the location best suited for your taste. The vibe in this place is quite appealing, and the view is hardly beatable. Of course, they have outdoor seating, so you can fully enjoy everything this location offers.

Naturally, being a waterfront restaurant, their menu is predominantly seafood. But who can say no to crab huevos rancheros for brunch? How about salmon and eggs? All of this and more are offered at Rusty Pelican.

Visit Key Biscayne and enjoy the food, vibe, and view Rusty Pelican offers.

Visit Mi’talia

Mi’talia is home to the best Italian food in Miami. Join us for New Year’s Brunch or Dinner and enjoy the creations of our famous chefs. 

Or, next time you’re in the city, visit our premises and see why the locals keep coming back.