Best Italian Restaurants In Miami in 2022

Pizza, pasta, but so much more! Italy has one of the most popular cuisines in the world and for so many reasons. 

The high-quality ingredients are unbeaten, the chefs are skilled, and the recipes are unbelievable. There’s something special about meals from this part of the world that people love. And, it’s not only the carbohydrates.

Miami has food from all over the planet served in the city daily. However, finding the best Italian restaurants in Miami isn’t that simple. Many places just want to make a few quick bucks selling low-quality pasta and pizzas Italians wouldn’t even touch.

Still, after thorough research and visiting all South Miami Italian restaurants we could find, we’ve realized which are the good ones.

Stick around if you’d like to try the best Italian food in Miami because we gathered a list of all the places that serve it.


For the owners of Mi’Talia, food has always been about bringing people together. All it’s about is celebrating and enjoying life. That’s how they grew up, and that’s how their restaurants work.

In fact, both of them have an interesting back story that led to them owning this place.

Chef Janine Booth grew up in Australia making seafood for her family. She spent a chunk of her life traveling the world and studying all kinds of cuisines along the way. Somewhere on her journey, she stumbled upon Italy and the cookings of its southern and northern parts.

That’s where she got the knowledge needed to lead one best Italian restaurants in Miami.

The critical moment in Chef Janine’s career was participating in the TV show Top Chef. After that, she went to New York to open Root & Bone, her first restaurant and a collaboration with Chef Jeffrey McInnis.

The restaurant was a huge success, which led to more places by the same team. 

After 15 years of working together, the couple brought us one of the top Italian restaurants in Miami – Mi’talia.

Chef Jeffrey McInnis grew up right around the corner from Miami, in Niceville, Florida. Everybody believed he would become either a fisherman or a chef. He’s excellent at both, in fact.

Jeffrey had a similar path to Janine and found his way to Top Chef after traveling the world. He also spent some time in Italy and fell in love with their food.

Nowadays, Mi’Talia likely has the best Italian food in Miami, and their place is doing better than ever.

It’s hard to recommend only one meal when going to these places. Italy has such cuisine that having only one dish is difficult.

No matter what you choose to it at Mi’Talia, you won’t go wrong. However, we believe they have the best past in Miami, so make sure someone that likes sharing orders it at your table.

Osteria Morini

We have another place whose story starts in New York. Osteria Morini is one of the most popular South Miami Italian restaurants but originates from Soho, New York. 

Osteria Morini is also a premier location in Long Island, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

Wherever this place goes, it brings the spirit of Italy with it. Particularly, the region that gave us mortadella, prosciutto, and Parmigiano – Emilia Romagna is what this place is all about. And, of course, soulful cuisine and unbelievable dishes follow wherever there’s an Osteria.

Naturally, this place serves some of the best pasta in Miami. They’re known for prominent dishes like Cappelletti. That’s truffled ricotta ravioli and prosciutto. Doesn’t sound that bad, right?

The Battilardo cheese board is also worth mentioning, and of course, there are seasonal entrees and seafood on the premises.

This place wouldn’t be among the top Italian restaurants in Miami if it didn’t have a wine list to prove it. Yes, their drink menu is filled with Italian wines and original cocktails that pair well with the food.

This place operates under a multiple Michelin Star group of restaurants, so their quality has been proven. Give Osteria Morini a visit and see if you’d give them a star too.

Casa Tua

Casa Tua seems to be a hidden gem for many people. But, if you’re looking for a piece of Europe somewhere in the city, this might be it.

This place was created in 2001, and the goal of the owner was to have a place that welcomes friends from all over the world. Their place oozes sophistication and preaches enjoying life and simplicity. 

The place was an instant success and has now spread worldwide. 

Now, about the owner. 

Mike Grendene was born in Padova and started his career in Milan. It’s hard to find a better start for someone to own one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami.

His wife and partner is Leticia Herrera, an international model. The couple has over 30 years of experience in hospitality and real estate, so making Casa Tua successful wasn’t a surprise.

They used their sense of style to create a unique and recognizable brand.

Now, they use the restaurant to host philanthropic events for UNICEF and similar organizations.

When it comes to the food, the risottos often stand out. However, grilled seafood is also quite popular at this place. See how the mood strikes you when you’re there, but there’s a low chance you’ll go wrong with either one.

Salumeria 104

Salumeria 104 is one of the top Italian restaurants in Miami that won’t set you back the big bucks. This place has affordable food that tastes amazing.

Owner Angelo Masarin grew up with his grandmother, that taught him to create all kinds of meals for the family.

He believes that this place presents the perfect mix of Miami’s vibrancy and the rustic charm of Northern Italy. The restaurant serves signature salumi dishes and many traditional classics from the Northern region of Italy.

Angelo always believed that the quality of the food comes from the freshness of the ingredients, so that’s what this place works with daily. He visits the local markets and only gets the best for his restaurant.

That’s how he got to have the best Italian food in Miami. Many of their menu items have been on for a while. The classics really shine in this place. 

However, the culinary skills of Chef Masarin get to be shown off in his specials. The specials change daily, based on what’s available at the market. 

But be sure it will be fresh and delicious.

The food is fantastic, the ambiance is pleasant, and the servers are friendly and attentive. What more could you ask from top Italian restaurants in Miami?

This place seems to have it all, but until you visit and try the food yourself, there’s no way to know if they have the best pasta in Miami, or that’s just a rumor.

Visit Mi’Talia, One of the Most Popular South Miami Italian Restaurants

Mi’Talia is one of the top Italian restaurants in Miami for many reasons. Visit their premises, try the food, and see why so many people keep coming back for their mix of comfort food and Italian cuisine.