4 Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For Your Valentine’s Date

Are you in love? Valentine’s day is around the corner, and if you have a special someone, you better start making plans. February 14th is reserved for romantic dates and time with your better half.

But where to spend this holiday? What’s the best romantic place in Miami for this occasion? 

Don’t worry. Once you read our blog, you’ll have plenty of ideas.

In this article, we’ve listed all the best date night restaurants in Miami. And what better time to visit one of them than Valentine’s day?! Keep reading to see which restaurant suits your plans best and decide which one you visit with your partner.

Or, if you’re looking for the perfect Italian restaurant in the city, head to Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar, and you’ll have the best time.

Mi’talia Kitchen & Bar

Chefs Janine Booth and Jeffrey McInnis both grew up bringing people together around great food and pleasant company. The type of food doesn’t matter; as long as this pair is involved, you’re likely to enjoy comfort foods from the menu. 

And, after 15 years of working alongside each other, they launched an Italian restaurant in the heart of Miami. Mi’talia Kitchen and Bar showcases Northern and Southern Italian specialties made in the pair’s unique way.

Both Janine and Jeffrey spend their fair share of time in Italy during their global travels. As usually happens, both fell in love with the country’s cuisine, people, and beautiful landscapes. So they pulled inspiration from all over the land. The seaside cuisine of the South surely has plenty to offer, and the comfort dishes from the North are a guest favorite no matter where you are.

So, it’s natural that Mi’talia is one of the best date night restaurants in Miami. These folks know what they’re doing, and you surely won’t regret giving their place a visit.

If you were looking for an Italian restaurant for Valentine’s, look no further.

The regular menu will be available, but a special offer is coming as well. It contains four courses and costs only $50 per person.

Start the date with Tuna Tartare, then continue with Artichoke Arancini before moving on to the fish. Whole Roasted Branzino is the third course. Not sure about you, but that sounds amazing to our bellies. And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a perfect Valentine’s day dessert to finish things off. What’s more romantic than sharing Nutella & Chocolate Cake?

Visit Mi’talia and see why we consider it one of the most romantic restaurants in Miami.

Boia De

Boia De is one of Miami’s famous places that makes you feel like you’re somewhere else. There are areas like that in the city.

For example, high-rise buildings in Brickell give off New York vibes. We’ve heard people comparing Wynwood Walls to graffiti parks in Atlanta and Austin. And, when it comes to Boia De – it’s best described as a cross between a Brooklyn dive bar and an LA strip-mall gem.

Boia De is located in a small shopping center at the edge of Little Haiti, next to a local store and a laundromat. Yes, this place is a bit retro.

There are only 24 seats, too. So, don’t even think about going without a reservation. 

But don’t underestimate Boia De just yet. They are among the most romantic restaurants in Miami for a reason.

The restaurant’s chefs, Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer are both Michelin-trained and doing a hell of a job. You’ll see them behind the counter working together while the soft sounds of Neil Young and Paul McCartney play in the background.

This place is known for giving something extra to each of its dishes. For example, beef tartare can’t be the same as everywhere else. Instead, it is topped with fried capers and a crunchy shallot-garlic concoction. Then, everything is smothered in tonnato sauce. If you’ve never heard of it, tonnato is a tuna-based Italian condiment.

This place is perfect for you if you like sharing food and trying multiple dishes in one sitting. Most of their creations are meant for sharing, and you pretty much can’t tell the difference between mains and starters.

Of course, there are things you should keep to yourself. Don’t skip the tortellini en brodo, cephalopod, and so on. There are too many amazing things on the menu that we’d like to recommend. Unfortunately, this blog is too short for that. 

Instead, visit Boia De yourself, and you won’t have to look for a romantic place in Miami anymore.

Klaw Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

We can’t talk about the best date night restaurants in Miami without mentioning a rooftop place. Among all the high-rise restaurants in the city, we’ve decided on Klaw to be the representative of the group. Why? You’ll realize quickly.

Let’s talk about the building first.

It was built in the ’20s Spanish Revival style and is full of ornate details that will leave you speechless. This type of tall arched window isn’t that common in Miami of the new age, and it’s quite a miracle that this monument hasn’t been torn down.

Apart from the breathtaking waterfront setting, this place has unbelievable food, like heritage cattle beef and Norwegian king crab.

The desserts are perfectly matched with the rest of the menu for this type of restaurant. Head to Klaw and see if it’s the best romantic place in Miami you’ve ever visited.


Not many places in the city give you both good food and an attractive setting. Well, when you’re in Doya, it feels like a special night, and unlike some other places, the food is just as good. 

Their indoor-outdoor space is perfect for a relaxing evening, and the shareable Aegean dishes will have you asking for more(even though the portions are enormous.)

Meze dishes, made by chef Erhan Kostepen, are carefully created with only the highest quality ingredients and fill the entire table easily. Pick your favorites among the feta, tomatoes, a selection of cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil, and many other specialties from this part of the world.

And the big items are yet to come. Once you move on to the hot part of the meal, you’ll enjoy dishes like black truffle pide, lamb chops, kofte meatballs, and many other savory miracles.

Whether you prefer sitting inside or in the garden, this place will give you a table that will satisfy even the pickiest guest. This place is so well designed that you won’t need to consider the less important stuff.

Give this place a visit and see why Doya is many people’s favorite restaurant in Miami.

Visit Mi’talia

If you aren’t sure which one of these you prefer, we can be sure to vouch for a place. Mi’talia is the best Italian restaurant in the city, and for many reasons.

The setting, the service, and the food will all astound each visitor for Valentine’s day. Take your special someone and celebrate each other’s love in a beautiful manner.