10 Common Types of Rosé Wine

Are you guilty of thinking that rosé wine is a girly wine that’s overly sweet? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, but it’s time to stop thinking like that. Rose wine is not underestimated anymore, and it gained popularity in the last few years. More people are conscious of its advantages, the notes, and the aroma it gives, which can be perfect for any occasion.   

At first glance, it may seem hard to believe that you can find a high-quality dry rose wine on the market. However, there are many different rose wine types out there. Sweet rose wine isn’t your only option if you look hard enough. If you are among the many skeptics that think like this, you need to keep reading because we are confident that we will change your mind about this pink drink. And what’s more important, we will find the best rosé wine for you.   

How Is Rosé Wine Made  

Did you know that rose wine is made out of red grapes? There are also many rose wine types like any other red wine. Red and rose wine are made out of the same grapes, but the process of making them is what makes the difference.   

A few different methods are used for making rose wine, like the Saignée method, the Vin Gris method, and maceration. 

We’ll talk about the maceration and Saignée method because these methods are used for making the wines we featured on our list.  


Maceration is the most common method winemakers use for making rose wine. During this method, grapes are pressed and sit with their skins. When red wine is made, the maceration process will last until the end of fermentation, but with rosé winemaking, the process is cut short. Depending on the type of rosé wine and the desired final color, the maceration process can last from just a few hours to 24 hours.   

Saignée method 

Wine made with the Saignée method is a by-product of red wine fermentation. At an early stage of red winemaking, a portion of the grape juice is removed. The rest is continued to ferment as red wine, and the taken portion will be separately fermented as rose wine. With this method, winemakers get a much darker and more robust wine.   

The Most Common Types of Rosé Wine  

As we said, there are many different rose wine types, and we made a list of the most common ones. You’ll be able to find these rose wines easily and enjoy them on any occasion. In our guide, you’ll learn how every rosé wine type is made, which aromas it gives, and with what food it’s best paired. 

Zinfandel Rosé  

Zinfandel is the most popular rose wine in the U.S, and it falls into the sweet rose wines category. It is sweet enough, and it pairs well with any meat dish. Its acidity levels are moderately high, and when you drink it, you can sense the notes of lemon, green melon, and even cotton candy. Be sure to serve it really cold.   

Pinot Noir Rosé  

We bet you are used to drinking Pinot Noir but have you ever tried Pinot Noir rose? It’s a very delicate wine and beautifully fruity. This wine is really subtle, it’s not too sweet, and the taste it gives you is superior to other wines, and it’s more elegant. When drinking Pinot Noir rose, you’ll be able to taste the aromas of strawberries, raspberries, crabapple, and watermelon. If you have a chance to drink it, pair it with a light seafood dish.   

Tempranillo Rosé  

Among many rose wine types, there are a few incredible savory ones. And one of them is Tempranillo rosé wine. It has raspberry, watermelon, green peppercorn notes, and a slight meaty aroma. Because of that, it’s a great pair with any barbeque meats.   

Syrah Rosé 

One of the unique rose wines is the savory Syrah Rosé. Its flavor is intense, full of cherry, strawberry, and peach flavor, with hints of white pepper and red pepper flake. This full-body wine will not disappoint you, and it will even leave you surprised with its taste. It’s perfect for those looking for a bold wine. And when it comes to food, it goes excellent with Italian-inspired dishes, especially with a simple pepperoni pizza. Be sure to chill it before you serve it.   

Sangiovese Rosé 

This pleasantly dry yet fruity rose wine will be your best companion on hot summer days. It has distinguished notes of strawberry, yellow peach, green melon, and roses. You have to serve it cold and paired with Mediterranean chicken. The bitter finish will also go well with any other Mediterranean-style dish.  

Grenache Rosé  

Another incredible fruity rosé wine is Grenache Rosé, with hibiscus, strawberry, and orange notes. It’s another popular rose wine. In this type of wine, you’ll find the perfect balance of acidity that can be paired with any Italian dish and Mediterranean cuisine in general. Be sure to serve it extra cold during a warm summer night.   

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé  

This savory rose wine is made by the Saignée method. The cherry and black pepper notes will make you love this one. You’ll want to pair it with meat dishes, especially with beef or lamb. Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé and a high-quality steak are a match made in heaven.   

Provence Rosé  

This fruity rose wine is a wine for every occasion paired well with any type of food. It’s one of the universal wines, and that’s why everybody loves it. It has the aromas of strawberries, watermelon, and rose petals. It is a dry rose wine; it’s fresh, and you can pair it with desserts and main dishes, from seafood to simple burgers.  

Tavel Rosé  

Like the previous one, Tavel Rosé is also a dry rose wine. This type resembles a typical red wine the most; it just has a pretty pink color. The nutty and summer berry notes dominate this dry rose wine. It’s vibrant, and it’s perfectly paired with any meat, especially with barbeque. Tavel Rosé is also much higher in alcohol than other wines, so you should consider that before drinking.   

Mourvèdre Rosé  

Mourvèdre Rosé is a full-body wine with notes of rose petals, violets, dried herbs, cherries, and plums. You’ll even feel the smoky and meaty flavor when tasting the wine. Because of it, it’s great for parties, paired with Mediterranean meat dishes.   

And we’ve come to the end of our guide. We hope you learned something new and that the possible preconceptions are now gone. If you would like your experience something new, and taste the combination of some of the finest wines in the world and the tastiest Italian-inspired food, be sure to visit us at Mi’talia. You’ll leave satisfied, with a new experience, and plans for your next visit.